Lift Station Wiring Upgrade

June 23, 2022 the wiring upgrade for the lift station is being done. The purpose of this project is to correct power disruptions with the lift station. The work will be completed today.


Water Remediation Project

June 9, 2022 the long awaited water remediation project was started. Aqua Plumbing is doing the work which will include removing the Orangeburg pipe and replacing it with new larger diameter PVC pipe and adding several lift stations to assist in removing standing water. June 15th Aqua ran into a problem with water in the trenches they dug. They need another company to remove the water and they are backed up and can’t get here until June 27th. Work will resume then.

Marina Project

Work on the new docks was started on May 17th. This has been a long process. Cathy Cartier got three estimates back in August 2022 and presented them to the board at the November Board Meeting. The board approved the project at that meeting. Then began the long process of getting permits from the city. With the help of Tommy Rheinlander we were able to get the permits and Furlong Decking and Seawalls was hired to do the job. It is now underway and should be completed within five days

Beautification Project

The beautification committee has planned to upgrade the landscaping on both side of the clubhouse. Trees have been purchased and will be planted as soon as the other repairs around the clubhouse are completed. The rest of the upgrades will be made are scheduled for September 2021. Landscaping was installed in March 2022 by J.V.Family Landscaping. Many Thanks to Nancy & Bob Martin and Lauren and Frank Mazzoni for all their efforts. Huge improvement.

Clubhouse Project

The project is currently underway. The patio has been repaved and painted, the railing has been replaced with a new modern railing that gives an unobstructed veiw and new furniture has purchased. The interior has been painted and new floors are being installed the week of June 7th.

The new floor was started and completed on June 8th.

The new air conditioning is scheduled to begin as soon as the floor has cured and should be completed before the end of June 2021.

Electricians are scheduled for the week of June 14th to install the electrical connections for the new air conditioning system. The new air conditioning system will be installed as soon as this is completed.

The new air conditioners were installed on June 22, 2021. The old air conditioners were removed and the holes have been temporarily covered with plywood.

Sewer Project

Sewer drainage project is scheduled to start June 14th. (The purpose of this project is to eliminate the problem of sewers backing up in the villas.) New pipes were installed on June 15th and digging was completed on June 16th. John Belerna has scheduled the repair for the damaged parking places for the end of the week.

Infrastructure committee received three bids for repairing asphalt around clubhouse where new sewer line was installed, fill hole by unit 100 and fix sunken area on south side of clubhouse. Advanced Asphalt was selected to do the work. The repairs are scheduled for July 22, 2021.

Asphalt repairs were completed on July 22nd.