Units For Sale

To the best of the Association’s knowledge, the following mobile homes/manufactured homes are for sale: Units for Sale.

Please contact the individual owners or their agents with any inquires. The Association does not handle sales.

  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Only two people to a unit, one of whom has to be at least 55 years-of-age.
  • One car per unit.

A diagram of the park is Available Here for those interested in the locations of the units for sale.

Parties who wish to purchase a unit in the park must fill out and submit the Application to Purchase Form and Related Information.  The selling owner(s) must also sign that form.  The sales agreement should contain, among other things, this retrofit certification acknowledging that Twin Shores has waived certain retrofitting requirements.  In addition new owners must go through an interview process. To get a copy of the interview form click Shareholder/Transfer Interview Form.

Owners: to make any changes to the listing for your unit, contact the Webmaster by Email.